Over two years in the making, August 2007 sees the opening of our first ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa.


Annual capacity tops 330 million gallons as plants in Superior, Iowa; Bluffton, Indiana; and Obion, Tennessee, go online in 2008. Starting a trend that would help fuel consistent growth, Green Plains merges with Great Lakes Cooperative and VBC LLC.

The 2009 acquisition of two Nebraska ethanol plants in Central City and Ord adds another 150 million gallons of annual production capacity.


In 2010, Green Plains adds 160 million gallons of production capacity with the acquisition of the Lakota, Iowa, and Riga, Michigan, plants. We also acquire five grain elevators in Tennessee.


2011 sees the purchase of the remaining interest in BlendStar, a biofuels terminal operator and predecessor of Green Plains Partners. Additional grain elevators in Nebraska and Missouri are acquired, along with an ethanol plant in Otter Tail, Minnesota.


In December 2012, Green Plains completes construction of a unit train terminal in Birmingham, Alabama. The terminal provides more efficient, cost-effective ethanol distribution to underserved markets in southeastern United States. The BlendStar-operated terminal can handle 300 million gallons of ethanol annually.


With the addition of plants in Atkinson and Wood River, Nebraska, and Fairmont, Minnesota, in November 2013, total ethanol production capacity climbs to 970 million gallons per year.

As part of continuous efforts to expand into related segments, Green Plains acquires Supreme Cattle Feeders in June 2014. This 70,000-head feedlot gives us a built-in market for distillers grain. Today, our feedlot capacity surpasses 250,000 head.
In 2015, Green Plains tops 1,000,000,000 gallons of annual production capacity with the acquisition of two ethanol plants in Hopewell, Virginia, and Hereford, Texas. As part of our expanding cost-containment measures within the vertical, our ethanol storage and transportation master limited partnership, Green Plains Partners, completes its IPO in June.
The acquisition of Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company in October 2016 instantly makes Green Plains the world’s largest producer of vinegar. This adjacent business addition has an immediate, positive impact on earnings. Three more ethanol plant acquisitions push total processing capacity to nearly 1.5 billion gallons per year.
The end of 2017 finds Green Plains employing over 1,400 associates, operating 17 ethanol plants, and prepared to improve upon its standing as the second largest consolidated owner of ethanol plants in North America.